Available in 565 Series for regular residential homes and the 89 Series for large homes and small businesses aio filter chemical free iron filter

Air Induction Oxidization (AIO)
Chemical Free Iron Filter

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This will remove Iron!!!

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Aio Filter Chemical Free Iron Filter

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The BAF Iron Water Filter Will Remove Iron And Manganese From Your Water Without Chemicals

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This works as a set up then you don't have to do any more maintenance. Using a BAF Iron Water Filter to remove Ferric and Ferrous iron from your water is by far the best and most economical way of getting rid of iron in your water. This will eliminate the red staining and rust in your toilet bowls and sinks and anywhere else it shows. Water with high amounts of Iron and Manganese can also have a rotten egg odor, particularly from your water heater on the hot side of your plumbing. This system will also eliminate this smell from your water. Iron starts to represent a problem unless it exceeds around .3 PPM. As iron levels increase, plumbing and laundry stains will occur. This is an annoyance.  In some cases, some types of iron can form sludge deposits creating problems in wells, water heaters, toilets, and fixtures. If untreated, this rust will eventually stain your fixtures and appliances and become permanent; it’s a constant challenge to keep your fixtures looking clean. Now you can eliminate iron throughout the whole house when purchasing a Whole House Iron Filter. 

The old models were expensive and required chemicals to clean the media. It was a messy job and you had to add the cleaner to the filter bed and then allow it to rinse. The chemicals really stunk, burned your eyes and it would burn you if you got it on your skin. Major improvements in these systems have allowed homeowners to enjoy iron and rust-free water without the use of nasty chemicals or maintenance and they are actually more effective than they used to be. Newer iron filter systems regenerate much like a water softener.  There is no longer the need for monthly maintenance. There is no need to clean the filter with chemicals. You really just install it and forget it. Rust can come from multiple sources. If it's bacterial, it will show as brown slime in the inside of toilet tanks (the back tank on your toilets) and you will need to treat it after installing this system. The chemical solution to use is usually chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

 You should replace any corroded and rusty parts inside your toilet tank to keep rust from reoccurring. Also, it's important to remember that if you use steel scratch pads and abrasive cleaners too often, you will likely damage the porcelain surface in the bowl and this will only make the bowl harder to clean And if it's organic, this is oxidized and un-oxidized iron that is coming from your water supply. This kind of iron is also known as Ferric and Ferrous iron, or Red Water Iron and Clear Water Iron. This condition is treatable with the use of a Whole House Iron Water Filter. This filter will store the iron in a media bed and it creates an oxygen bubble during regeneration about every three days in the middle of the night and oxidizes the stored iron, and discharges it down the drain. This is a chemical-free and maintenance-free process. This particular whole house Iron Water Filter system uses a blended-media of Zeoprep, MicroZ, and Filter AG Plus for the filter media bed, along with a gravel bed, and a special head designed to oxidize stored iron in the media bed every three days while you're sleeping, and usually when no water is being used. These systems are very efficient, and will not require any additional maintenance from the homeowner. Please call us for more information!

An effective and economical way to remove iron without the use of messy and dangerous chemicals or expensive pumps. An air pocket in the upper portion of the tank oxidizes ferrous iron. The single tank design takes up minimal space and the unique media increases the pH of the water as it filters.

AIO filters add oxygen to the incoming water by passing it through a pocket of compressed air.
The water is then passed through a special filter bed that increases the pH of the water to enhance iron removal and traps iron precipitate.
As more water passes through the iron filter, the oxygen in the unit is used up, and the media gets loaded with iron.
The regeneration process then begins in order to replenish the supply of oxygen, and to backwash the precipitated iron trapped in the media bed. The iron removal efficiency will be more effective with high pH water.
The filter is fitted with an inlet check valve to prevent any air from flowing backwards out of the
filter tank.

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