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Iron Bacteria May Help Other Organisms Grow?

An effective and economical way to remove iron without the use of messy and dangerous chemicals or expensive pumps. An air pocket in the upper portion of the tank oxidizes ferrous iron. The single tank design takes up minimal space and the unique media increases the pH of the water as it filters. The existing PH of the water needs to be known. Remove Iron from Well Water No more iron bacteria in your toilets.

What is Iron Bacteria?

Special Note

Another Method is Chemical Dosing (Chlorine) See Stenner Pumps

How to Detect Iron Bacteria

After installing this Iron Filter the backs of toilet Bowls will need to be cleaned out or the bacteria will never go away. 

  • Tastes and Odors
    • Swampy, oily or petroleum, cucumber, sewage, rotten vegetation, or musty.
    • May be more noticeable after the water has not been used for a while.
  • Color
    • Yellow, orange, red, or brown stains and colored water.
    • Rainbow colored, oil-like sheen.
  • Red Slimy Deposits
    • Sticky rusty, yellow, brown, or grey slime.
    • “Feathery" or filamentous growths (especially in standing water).

You can confirm that it is iron bacteria by sending us a Sample.  Call 855-909-9544

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It really is not harmful. It is just an irritant. There is one thing for sure if you have it you have iron in your water! So, it depends on how much iron you have. Most iron can be removed with an Iron filter. In my experience only one iron filter really works. It works on the principle of air. Air is forced into the filter when the water touches the air the iron in the water rusts or oxides. Then the iron can be removed by a filter.

20 gallon tank

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20 gallon tank
20 gallon tank

How Do you get rid of it?

Iron bacteria are not known to cause disease. However, they can create conditions where other disease-causing organisms may grow. They can also affect how much water the well produces and may cause clogging issues.

To be safe, test the water for nitrate and coliform bacteria. Make sure the well is properly constructed, located, and maintained.

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Iron bacteria are small living organisms that naturally occur in soil, shallow groundwater, and surface waters. These bacteria combine iron (or manganese) and oxygen to form deposits of "rust," bacterial cells, and a slimy material that sticks the bacteria to well pipes, pumps, and plumbing fixtures. (especially the back tank of Toilets)


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