us water systems reverse osmosis
us water systems reverse osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis?

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Reverso Osmosis is the process that pushes water under pressure through a series of filters that take the impurities out of the water. The water is then stored in a vessel that holds the water until use. Reverse osmosis (RO) uses multiple filters to remove the contaminants. Typically, the first filter is a mechanical one, the second and third filters are made out of carbon, the fourth is the semi-permeable membrane, and the fifth is a chemical one. The water can become very pure, but if you need large quantities this process can be very expensive. If you are just using it in a kitchen sink or refrigerator ice maker it will make enough to satisfy this need. The filters can be expensive if you are using a lot of water. Small usage is just perfect.
RO is the preferred water filtering method for higher concentrations of impurities. RO water filtration systems force water through a semipermeable filter under high pressure. The filter then permits the water, but not the contaminants, to pass through.
RO is one of the most effective water filtration methods for removing bacteria and viruses from water.

us water systems reverse osmosis
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